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Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats Pre-Order Offer

14 September 2017
Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats Pre-Order Special Offer

Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats Box

Gen Con is traditionally a time of year for letting people see something new and shiny before it hits the stores and this year was no exception. This year was not only the 15th anniversary of the show but was the 5th birthday of our first Firefly game. The love for this game and demand to see it expanded fully has kept us pretty busy these last five years and when thinking about what to do to celebrate we did think about a special big box version with all the bells and whistles in it (something we will probably still do at some point) but then remembered that we did not have just one game concept when we created that first one and the better choice to celebrate our fifth birthday would be to make an entirely new game.

Thousands of people at Gen Con got to test Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats and see what we have planned but that was just the teaser as the real treat was being saved till now.

Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats
As members of the Firefly game Facebook group you all have shown your love for the show and our game over the years. You have helped spread the word around the globe that helped make our first Firefly game the breakout hit it has been since it launched and for that we are eternally grateful. To thank you all for your support we have put together an offer exclusively for members of this page to pre-order Brigands and Browncoats.
Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats Crew
The game is currently being printed and we expect to see it finished and sailing towards us in early October. The game, like all of ours, is packed full of things but there are always parts we wished we could fit in that simply did not make the cut. The special offer available to you gives you the chance to get these models as well as a special figure of Mal and some Loot Crate cards for the first game.
Firefly Adventures Pre-Order Offer
The offer is simple. Order a copy of the core game and for the price of the game and a fixed shipping cost (dependent on your country) we will include with your game the bundle of shiny items.
These models will be hand made at our factory in resin (apart from the cards as those are obviously card) and will come with your game when it ships.
This offer is open to any members of this group and their friends for a two-week period starting today at 4pm US EST and closing on the 28th Sept at the same time. We want to be able to make all of this resin before the game docks at our offices so have to limit the offer window to make sure we have the time we need.
Please click on the button place your order.
Special Offer Button
"Well... that went well." With both Casual and Heroic states in the game we have made two figures for each character. Mal had a Very Casual moment in the episode “Trash” and although he is unlikely to give you any advantage on the board in such a relaxed mode this iconic moment deserved to be brought to life. Special thanks goes to Nathan for letting us make his first ever nude statue.
Hostage Cargo Crates The Safe Cortex Terminals
Throughout the missions in the game you will need to interact with a variety of items, crates, terminals a safe and even a hostage. These 3D versions will replace the cardboard tokens in the game.
Firefly: The Game - Loot Crate Cards
Thanks in no small part to a fan of the game (you know who you are) who sought me out at Origins and then again at Gen Con to ask if these cards would made available it seemed fitting in this special pack to add in some cards for Firefly: The Game.

Shipping to each area will be a fixed cost as shown in the chart below with the exception of the area called “Rest of the World”. For those of you in any country that falls outside of the first four on the list we will need to work out your shipping cost specifically for you and although it will be dependent on where you are we will do our best to keep this as low as possible.

North America (US$): Game $50 + Shipping $10 Shipping = Total $60

Australia / New Zealand (US$): Game $50 + Shipping $10 = Total $60

Europe (Euro€): Game €50 + Shipping €10 = Total €60

UK (UK£): Game £40 + Shipping £5 = Total £45

ROW (US$): Game $50 + Shipping $? = Total $50+