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Gale Force Nine Comments of D&D Localizations

24 March 2017
Gale Force Nine Comments on D&D Localizations

Gale Force Nine has been working for over a year on our plan to publish localized language versions of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS fifth edition products. Throughout the process, we met and considered many partners around the world based on the same criteria: a passion for the material and a commitment to deliver the complete plan. We wanted to offer every country the entire D&D fifth edition experience and the partners we have chosen to work with will be doing just that.

Currently, we are speaking with all parties involved in Brazil to sort out the situation.  Our goal is to ensure fans can enjoy the products in their local language of choice and we are committed to supporting those fans and their community. As such our product release plans for this market are on hold until we ​fully investigate and ​hopefully resolve th​is issue. We apologize to D&D fans in Brazil for any delay this may cause but we’ll do our best to have a solution in place soon.

John-Paul Brisigotti
CEO Battlefront Group
GF9 is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Battlefront Group